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Between Two Worlds, We Rise...

A head filled with thoughts of needs,

A heart manifesting wonderful deeds.

Moving between the two with speech,

Expanding the vibration to a further reach.

A time to process the information given,

Wrapping around what was left unforgiven.

The heart provides gifts of endless openings,

The Soul seeks Light for infinite focusing.

Between the creative and the logical,

Balance and harmony are unstoppable.

Making choices to break free from limits,

Long-deep breathing for many minutes.

Laws of Nature, Moon cycles, & planets,

Eating plant-based, free-trade, and organic.

A lifestyle based on a higher vibration,

Sets the foundation for Divine creations.

Challenged to move past the animal inside,

Not allowing the darkness inward to hide.

Eclipsing the violations of Truth and Light,

Retrograding conversations as a rewrite.

Speaking up and stating one's intentions,

Loving the self without any apprehension.

Each astrological and planetary shift,

Is a chance to rise higher, grow, and uplift.

Waking up to the inner, Infinite gift,

Change is coming in for goodness so swift.

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