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Choose Faith

Choosing Faith over worry is the ultimate test,

But is giving in to fears really doing our best?

A new reality is unfolding before our eyes,

The blessings that it offers are hiding in disguise.

In a dualistic Earth we will experience the contrast,

How we react becomes the turning point away from our past.

To evolve is to make better choices for self and the planet,

Fear keeps us repeating the past, stuck, and feeling stagnant.

Taking in each day with presence and great reverence,

With faith in all that is good, we can experience the benevolence.

The doubt, the fear, the worry, and discouragement,

Are not allowing for Love to provide its necessary nourishment.

These energies settle in when we are tired and stressed,

When we haven't had a nutritious meal or sufficient amount of rest.

Sometimes fears manifest from a false belief,

Listening to others and buying in to struggle and grief.

Other times doubts and worries grow out of bad focus,

Magnifying the problems and absorbing it through osmosis.

No matter what, why, or how the shadow seeps in,

The Fall lets us reset, start over, and re-begin.

Let go like the leaves on the seasoned tree,

Become Light like our souls were meant to be.

Bring in each moment with great faith in understanding and knowing,

Love, Wisdom, and Truth are guiding us in learning and growing.

Faith holds the potential to overcoming all challenges,

Positivity brings harmony to restore all imbalances.

Courage makes space for us to rise above fears,

Gratitude shifts what we see and how it appears.

No matter what we experience, what we hear, and what we think,

Faith is the key and the missing link.

To have unshakable faith is to believe in all of life's process,

Making personal changes to create small victories of success.

Being goodness and doing kind acts of service,

Is the medicine for fear, worry, and feeling nervous.

Serenity comes when we make the changes we wish to see,

Peace of mind manifests when we become the person we want to be.

The rest of our fears will resolve through our Love,

Illuminating the beauty so we know what to get rid of.

Take this life in bite size pieces to chew,

Taking care of the land, the people, and the situations that effect you.

When we each do our part to bring Love and deep healing,

The next step of life becomes clear and starts revealing,

That our kindness and good acts have no limits or ceiling,

We are manifesting more Love which creates a positive feeling,

And Love removes all fear, which is very appealing,

Choosing Faith in all matters in which we are dealing.

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