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There is a quality about high grade energy,

That syncs with our Divine cosmic memory.

We remember our oneness and connection,

To each other and to Divine perfection.

And then our souls incarnate here,

We are faced with a choice - Love or fear.

Not understanding the Laws of Nature,

Some act out lifetimes of adverse behavior.

Other souls are devoted to a path of wisdom,

Seeking knowledge for a higher vision.

Whatever the path, whomever the soul,

Every incarnation presents a common goal.

Learn how to Love without condition,

Live Truth from high energy transmission,

Choose Wisdom over all other acquisitions,

This physical life is your millionth edition,

Nothing is permanent here on this mission,

Live your passions and Serve with ambition,

The goal is Love, there's no competition,

Forgive others, and you will be Forgiven,

Reality will always be what you Envision.

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