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Eclipse It, Let It Go...

The past six months have brought in,

Transformation for the new to begin.

Some was joyful and some held pain,

It all had to happen to begin again.

When the Universe decides it is time,

We may have a new hill to climb.

Obstacles we overcome from there,

Make us become much more aware.

The pain provides the doorway to,

Forgiving and having a breakthrough.

We fill ourselves with life so full,

Then let it go - no push or pull.

Healing comes with each lunar shift,

The tides go down and then they lift.

When there is a Lunar Eclipse,

It's time to cut out what conflicts.

What no longer tunes to the heart,

Hops onto an exhale to depart.

Energy re-calibrates and there's space,

To accept change and embrace grace.

Making the most of eclipse season,

Change provides a great reason.

To listen to what calls inside,

Allowing the heart to be the guide.

This window to a destiny fulfilled,

Is a Divine gift to help us rebuild.

Let go, surrender, and detach,

The phoenix is rising from the ash.

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