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Essence of the Week: Niaouli MQV

Niaouli MQV is a plant in the Myrtle family that grows in the tropical forests of Australia. This amazing healer is used by the Aboriginal Australians for almost every ailment.

Niaouli MQV is a gift and friend to the human body. She helps to clear parasites, fungus, and viral infections. Her powerful, yet gentle vibration helps pain in the muscles, bones and joints, and arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Niaouli MQV is helpful for lung health, digestive health, and reproductive health. She keeps bugs away as a natural insecticide, and is great for skin ailments like wounds, burns, cuts, abscesses, radiation burns, and gangrene. This amazing medicine is also great for the heart and circulation, as well as the nervous system.

Spiritually speaking, Niaouli MQV helps to heal the inner child that cries out for its way. This is the great neutralizer of childhood repression, power battles, and painful memories of the past. She helps to clear nervous depression, psychic attacks, and pain in order to create a new perspective in life and a clear vision of happiness, health, and harmony.

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