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Essence of the Week Talk: Blue Yarrow

Blue Yarrow is a Bulgarian flower from the Sunflower Family. The Latin name "Millefolium" means, "coming of a thousand leaves". She has small, feathery leaves and white flowers, and has been used by carpenter's and construction workers to help with wounds and to stop the bleeding. Blue Yarrow gets her blue color from the chemical constituent Azulene that shifts during the distillation process to a blue color because of the natural alchemical process.

Blue Yarrow is wonderful for skin, hair, and infections. She is anti-viral and great for the common cold, flu, fever, tumors, and even cancer. Blue Yarrow is known as the queen of opposites, helping with circulation but also stopping bleeding, drying and moisturizing, and calming and stimulating. She is a digestive aid, opens the lungs and sinus', and helps with pain and arthritic conditions. Blue Yarrow is great for the reproductive organs, helping to relieve congestion and stagnation that cause infertility. She is a moon cycle harmonizer, helps with menopause, and supports the uterine muscles in working efficiently.

Energetically, Blue Yarrow is a medicine that helps one to surrender to their highest good, allowing the Divine Light to flow. She supports the release of the victim mentality in order to be in alignment with the soul essence. When feeling in a rut of stress, disconnection, and negativity, Blue Yarrow helps to bring a calm, confident vibration that makes it safe to be the most authentic version of the self.


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