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Every Story...Every Side

It is a wonderful time to be grateful for change! This year has prepared us for a flexible attitude and ever-changing reality. The greatest misfortune in all of this is our disconnection with each other. This has been a catalyst for loneliness, division, and the many social problems we are witnessing today.

In a world of duality, it is easy to fall into a trap of being biased. The way out of that trap is the Light of IN-sight. We all have vision on the inside as well as on the outside. Because the sensory world is so overstimulating, we tend to spend most of our waking hours focused on the outside world. The answer to all of our perceived challenges has always been inside. We talk about this Age of Uranus a lot, because it is important to understand why we each decided to incarnate at this time. Mystically speaking, Uranus is the hidden Sun - the Sun that energizes and gives Light to all of the various Suns in our Universe. In order to understand how to navigate in this Age, we must be able to access the Light within us that energizes our entire being on all levels. That Light is inside each of our hearts. Uranus is considered to be the planet of Unconditional Love, and that awareness is also inside of each of our hearts. We have been Divinely created to Love unconditionally, and to learn how to Love in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Where there is Love, there is Truth. Scholars have debated with one another about so called "Truths" for centuries. There are Truths that most everyone agrees with, like the Sun rising and setting each day. There are Truths that groups of individuals believe in based on their backgrounds, upbringing, and karma. There are also "Truths" that have been programmed into socie