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Every Story...Every Side

It is a wonderful time to be grateful for change! This year has prepared us for a flexible attitude and ever-changing reality. The greatest misfortune in all of this is our disconnection with each other. This has been a catalyst for loneliness, division, and the many social problems we are witnessing today.

In a world of duality, it is easy to fall into a trap of being biased. The way out of that trap is the Light of IN-sight. We all have vision on the inside as well as on the outside. Because the sensory world is so overstimulating, we tend to spend most of our waking hours focused on the outside world. The answer to all of our perceived challenges has always been inside. We talk about this Age of Uranus a lot, because it is important to understand why we each decided to incarnate at this time. Mystically speaking, Uranus is the hidden Sun - the Sun that energizes and gives Light to all of the various Suns in our Universe. In order to understand how to navigate in this Age, we must be able to access the Light within us that energizes our entire being on all levels. That Light is inside each of our hearts. Uranus is considered to be the planet of Unconditional Love, and that awareness is also inside of each of our hearts. We have been Divinely created to Love unconditionally, and to learn how to Love in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Where there is Love, there is Truth. Scholars have debated with one another about so called "Truths" for centuries. There are Truths that most everyone agrees with, like the Sun rising and setting each day. There are Truths that groups of individuals believe in based on their backgrounds, upbringing, and karma. There are also "Truths" that have been programmed into societies that are based on untruths in order to control and manipulate. In every Truth, there is a mistruth. In every lie, there is a little bit of Truth. Truth does not seek to be right, or the best, or a winner. Truth simply exists whether anyone believes in it or not. Not one side in a reality of duality contains all of the Truth. The Truth is in a third reality that sees through neutral eyes. In saying this, as humans, we really need to learn the art of humility. Life, with all its wisdom, has so much to teach all of us - when we are willing to surrender to the lesson. When we shut ourselves off from half of what comes at us simply because it doesn't agree with our beliefs, we are entering a dangerous zone of sheltered information that keeps us disconnected from half of reality. We don't have to change who we are for anyone else but ourselves. The key is pushing ourselves to learn both sides of the story and by staying open to the idea that what we believe might not be completely true. It is important that we are listening to everyone who has a voice to speak their Truth, as each person's Truth is an opportunity to reveal a deeper Truth that we all share. We can learn so much more when we listen, and we came here to the Earth to learn, not to prove ourselves to be right.

Science shows us that as humans ,we have evolved from a slouched over body to one that stands up tall and erect. When we were slouched over, it served us in being able to connect directly to the Earth and the natural sounds and scents that provide important information for survival. That means that our direct connection to the Earth is not as close today as it once was. We now view the world from above - looking down - which mirrors our human qualities of superiority and dominance over other species. Winning has become a very important virtue to many humans. We have created teams, groups, communities, and clicks to validate our opinions and belief systems. These amazing networks were intended to unite us as one, but with misguided intentions, they have amplified our sense of separation.

Challenges present themselves when it is time to change, and contemplation is an important part of creating positive change. Think about how you live your life each day. Think about what you do for your health, what you wear, what you eat, how you speak, likes and dislikes, etc., and be honest with yourself. Have you unknowingly closed yourself off to learning something new about how to live a life that leaves a footprint of Love? Have you subconsciously allowed in hatred, discrimination, cruelty, abuse, or fear as the driving force for choices or decision you have made? Have you taken a part of your past and built a wall of limitations that is ready to come down? Every day is a new day to create the life you want to live. Life is so much more than what we do. It is who we are to ourselves, and who we are to the world and the planet. Be a being of Peace. Be a being of Love. Be a being of Truth. Take time to create more Love by initiating positive change in your life for the betterment of all living beings. By healing your life, you are helping to heal the whole. Who are you and who do you want to be? Start being that person now. The planet and all living beings are rooting the human family on to have the courage to create positive change. We are at a tipping point for complete transformation. The sustainable, balanced, and compassionate world we have dreamt about for years is working down from our thoughts and feelings to a more tangible and physical manifestation. Remember... All things are possible with Love. Just keep on Loving, thinking Loving thoughts, feeling Loving emotions, speaking Loving words, and having a Loving attitude. Love is all we need.

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