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For The Greater Good

It is Mercury Retrograde, the Universal Jupiter Period, and the New Moon this week. The Universe has provided an opportunity to have the deep conversations needed to move past the past for good. History is called that name because it does not live in the present moment. History is an old story that exists for us to learn and grow from, and not repeat. This Mercury Retrograde falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio which addresses our relationships, passions, and loyalty. The energy of the retrograde allows us to revisit old relationships with others and with ourselves. The times when we were jealous, envious, disloyal, or said something out of alignment with our Truth are now open for us to heal, forgive, and finally release. If there are any relationship scars from the past that are still feeling raw and vulnerable, this is the best time to revisit them and create the space to finally set yourself free.

Our future as a humanity is strengthened by our ability to make amends with our past. Each of us holds experiences that we are not proud of being a part of. Every being has said or done things that they feel bad about. These were life lessons and learning opportunities. The only way we can look at these lessons as "bad" is when we choose to repeat them. This is where our mistakes become decisions. We are able to observe this on a global scale, right in front of our eyes. Retrograde planets are opportunities to end cycles of pain and rewrite the story of where we are headed in our future. Each of us makes our own decisions, but our decisions impact the whole. Everything we choose feeds the collective consciousness and has an effect on all other living beings in the entire Universe. We are connected to one another and everything, and this can be an opportunity to serve the greatest good of all by serving the power of Love within. The more we Love ourselves, live in the state of consciousness of Love, and spread Love everywhere we go, the more we are literally shifting the entire collective consciousness toward Love. Do for yourself what you wish to do for the world. Love yourself, express your Truth, and share your heart in your own unique way.

We are thrilled to complete our last week of the pilot program for Naam Sacred Scents. Thank you for your flexibility with us as we have been immersed in this course and writing our manuals in order to be able to share it all with you. In all of this change, we changed the newsletter format as well. Please share any feedback you have - good or bad. We are growing and expanding with almost 70 essential oils in our new company, Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, and we recently released our 5th studio album, Mystic Groove, as our band "The Conscious Groove". We do all of this because we Love what we do, we Love the planet and we Love you. We are here as your sacred community. We are here to help you on your self-healing journey. We are here to share all of the tools and wisdom that we have been so blessed to learn over the years. We are here for you!

Stay tuned for upcoming events: Live Music Shakti Naam BlackLight Yoga Party on Halloween night on Zoom, Trinity Essence Workshop for Jupiter & Digestion, and the first Naam Sacred Scents Training Course. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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