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Full Blue Moon All Hallow's Eve

Nothing happens by chance, and the United States election falls only a few days after All Hallow's Eve, the celebration of our ancestors here on Earth, a Full Blue Moon, and Mercury Retrograde. All Hallow's Eve and the Full Moon are both times of connecting with the afterlife. It is a time of remembering our ancestors, and walking with the Ascended Masters of the Earth. In the darkness of the Fall night sky, the Full Moon will illuminate for the second time this month. This is such a rare event, a Blue Moon, and a very special, unique, and magical moment to have yet another opportunity to let go of something in order to gain something much greater. Our ability to sacrifice a small aspect of our shadow every Full and Waning Moon time is a gift that the Universe offers us each month. The fact that we have two of these opportunities this month says a lot about what needs to be shed before we make decisions for the next 4 years in our country. What cycles have we learned from and feel ready to move past in order to evolve as a species and become better than we have been? What are we willing to sacrifice for the freedom, health, and wellbeing of humanity and Mother Earth? Our decisions on the micro and macro levels determine our stay here on Earth. Our decision to promote a more unified and Loving existence in order to benefit the whole instead of the individual is a service we can offer to humanity. Choices to put our