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Gifts of the Full Buck Moon...

Determined, yet gentle does the buck live,

Grace and innocence is their offer to give.

Sensitive creatures unfolding mysteries,

Bringing out the inner child of elasticity.

Growing new horns every single year,

Renewal & regeneration is the totem of deer.

Ability to shift and change so swiftly,

Trusting instincts in order to move quickly.

Gentleness practiced with the self & others,

Living from the Light that reflects all colors.

A heart-chakra symbol of Loving deeper,

A talisman for the universal peacekeeper.

A fresh perspective to an old situation,

Strengthening into a stronger foundation.

Buck comes now during this full moon,

To awaken and let go of the old cocoon.

Waning moon time to reverse old patterns,

And experience how to spiritualize matter.

Setting intentions to regenerate life,

Doing what we can with all our might.

It is in the present that we can create,

Transmuting the past to destiny from fate.

Thank you Full Buck Moon for your Light,

We honor the Truths birthed into the night.

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