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Goodness Creates Goodness...

Happy New Moon! It is the third week of the year, and time for expansion and growth. In the waxing moon, it is most beneficial to add something to your life. Whether it be starting a new business endeavor, purchasing new equipment, or announcing something to the world, we are blessed with the first New Moon of the new year to support success on all levels.

Manifesting new beginnings means that we are also creating the space inside to start anew. There is no room for grudges, anger, or resentment on the path of health and happiness. We have had the blessing to talk to someone recently who went through a very close call with death. They were leaving their body, detaching from the physical world and able to see the bigger picture. Our friend, as well as thousands of other people's stories of near-death experiences, experienced the oneness that is Truth. When we are no longer attached to what we think we know or own or do, we are in the space of pure Love. Under the armor of this physical suit, we are all-Loving. When we turn away from this, we experience illness, lack, and fear. That is how we experience the effect of disharmony from the cause of lack of Love.

Enter this New Moon with new eyes. See the entire world in the eyes of Love and compassion. Make the sincere effort to seeing the best in everyone and everything, and set yourself free of dis-ease on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. We have an opportunity to heal ourselves through this inner alchemy, and that self-healing evolves as global healing because we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. When we find ourselves praying for peace, then we know it is time to get back to work - Loving and forgiving until the Light is restored. This is our work as extensions of the Divine. May Peace and Love be restored in all hearts and on Earth!

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