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Grace Upon Grace...

This lifetime is a gift for the soul to learn more about the Universe. From the most amazing Earthly accomplishments, to the most horrific tragedies, there is always a deeper teaching in every situation. The Universe is neutral. It is not the judge of what kind of life we choose to live - we are. Each of us is connected through the power of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Why not choose a healing path of happiness, health, and prosperity? We did not come to the Earth to suffer.

The Universe holds space for the "grace upon grace". We have the opportunity to create positive changes in our lives at any moment because - by the grace of God - there is always another opportunity to start over. How we grew up may not have been our choosing in physical form. However, what we choose to do with those lessons, and how we act from them - or react to them - is apparent in how we live our lives today. These past influences on our personality, beliefs, and mental tapes is what springs up in times of challenge. We struggle with the parts of us that have not moved forward. Those unconscious pains then become seeds for new and similar creations to sprout up in order to finally be cleared by our conscious mind. This continues for each of us until we are tired of circling around and around. Even after choosing to end cycles of pain, another test manifests in order to make sure we are really done. The ultimate lesson comes with the mirrors that reflect who we are in our daily reality. The mirrors come in the form of people, situations, and interactions that remind us of the energies that we are putting out on a daily basis. When they reflect pain and heartache, we have to ask ourselves if we have unconsciously or consciously caused someone else to suffer. We have the opportunity to wake up each day and choose who we are going to be to ourselves, to the planet, and to others. Each day is like a blank canvas for us to create the attitudes, beliefs, and actions we express inward and outward. What a gift that is!