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Having Faith In The Process...

Happy Earth Week! As we know, every day is a day to be grateful for Mother Earth. This week is an opportunity to integrate the true understanding of appreciation for the planet we live, breathe, eat, and resource from in order to both live and thrive. It is the 17th week of the year, and the archetype of "The Star" pays a visit to remind us what is important in life and what to put our Love, Faith and Hope into. What is the foundation of living a healthy and happy life? It is learning, growing, and communing with one's soul and one's surroundings. We are nature, and we are one with our surroundings. How we live with and treat other people, other species, the air, the water, the soil, and all of the natural world is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. In order to transcend the lower frequencies in our reality, we have to rise above the abuse, neglect, and fear that we have been trained to accept from ourselves and from others. The great awakening is birthed out of awareness and consciousness of who we are in the reality we exist in. We sometimes kick and scream, fighting our way away from seeing who we really are. The moment we accept ourselves for our mistakes, weaknesses, or unconscious behaviors, as well as for our strengths, talents, and uniqueness, we start to open our hearts to understanding all of the imperfections in the physical world outside of us. The deeper wisdom reveals that purity is related to our intentions and motivation for everything we think, feel, say, do, and experience in our lives. What is the motivating factor that drives the life mission? Is it money? Success? Fame? Beauty? Love? The purity of our intentions has birthed the reality we currently live in. What do we see as a driving force in society today? That is where our level of consciousness dwells.

"The Star" depicts our connection to both the collective, subconscious mind, and the individual, conscious mind. We are tapped into each other's thoughts and feelings, and we have a choice to proces