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25-Year-Old Runs into Burning Home and Saves 5 Kids - Gets Rewarded with $500k and 'New Lease on Life'

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A man is being honored by a city as a hero after he charged into a house that had turned into a raging inferno to rescue a young girl.

A late-night argument was his girlfriend had a disgruntled 25-year-old Nicholas Bostic out driving aimlessly around his town when he saw the house completely engulfed in flames.

Running inside, his cries allegedly woke 4 children and a family friend from their sleep. The oldest of five, 18-year-old Seionna Barret, had gathered together her siblings and prepared to go down the stairs from the second floor where they encountered Nick.

Once outside however, Seionna told Bostic that her 6-year-old sister wasn’t with them. Running inside through the back door, Bostic described the fire in the Lafayette, Indiana home as having created a “black lagoon” of smoke on the ground floor.

But after checking all the bedrooms on the second floor, he still had not found the youngster.

“He moved to a window to exit the house when he heard a child’s cry coming from downstairs,” write city reporters who spoke with the rescuer. “Nicholas [had] an inner dialog with himself. He knew he was there to get that child out, and even though the fir