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Inspirational Story of the Week: August 16th, 2021

Boy Raises $700,000 For Hospice By Camping Out For 500 Nights After Dying Man Gives Him a Tent

Reprinted from Good News Network website...

A serendipitous series of events turned an 11-year-old boy into a stalwart hero, after a dying man gave him a tent.

Last year, just before the pandemic reached the UK, Max Woosey’s parents were helping to care for a neighbor, Rick Abbott, who had terminal cancer.

They came to appreciate how vital it was that the local hospice in North Devon was able to help their neighbor remain in his own home, which was his final wish.

Just before he died, Abbott gave Max a gift.

“My friend Rick gave me his tent before he died and made me promise to go have an adventure.”

Max realized that most of the fundraising for the hospice was cancelled and services were closed due to COVID-19, so on March 29th, 2020, he began sleeping in his new tent pitched in the backyard, hoping to raise £100 for the hospice.

With his plush stuffed animals to keep him cozy, he posted updates on his fundraising page, while waiting for the pandemic to be over.

As lockdown restrictions dragged on, and warm summer nights turned into chilly autumn frost, Max refused to come in from the cold—and donations poured in.

On October 12, he wrote, “Thank you so much for all the donations. I can’t believe how much I have raised. I have decided to camp out for a year to see if I can get to £20,000.”

The boy blew past that goal, hitting milestones of 100 consecutive days, then 200 days, then 300 days.

His dog Digby was more than welcome to spend the night and keep this Cub Scout warm through the nights.

During one December storm, his tent blew over but he repitched it so he could cross-off another day on his calendar. His dad kept him company during Storm Bella and its 70mph winds.

He even had to get a new tent when the first one sprung a leak.

When Christmas season arrived, the family decorated his tent with lights and santa ornaments. Sleeping outside, maybe he hoped to catch a glimpse of the red-suited guy when his sleigh flew by.

Max’s mission attracted national and international media attention and he was invited to camp next to the lion’s enclosure at London zoo and in the Downing Street garden, according to The Guardian.

Last week, the boy from Braunton celebrated his 500th consecutive night on an adventure that was spurred on by tragedy but raised more than $770,000 from strangers around the world for the life-giving service of hospice.

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