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Joshua's Corner: Hugs...

Mystic questions and standard dreams.

Life is not exactly what you and I were taught to see.

One generation caught in great wars,

The next, sneaking money out the back door.

Puppets at the podium who waiver like a fall leaf,

Only to be buried by the snow of their own beliefs.

Hardline views

to unappreciative and unethical news.

Friends call me a changed man,

but I feel nothing different with my head out of the sand.

It was all an illusion to misplace your trust,

So, Now is the time to think and feel for yourself,

and get on with the life you love.

For all we really know, is that you and I are from love and we return to love.

Make a difference in the world by smiling as much as you can -

even when times may be tough.

After all, everyone needs a hug.

Hugs and Love,


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