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Joshua's Corner: Sentient, Sovereign, & Standing...

From form to function, the delicate balance of life plays on.

Each of us is uniquely at fault, by way of nature or divine plan.

The truth is that the human BEing is a galactic chemistry project in action.

Our inner most working is sometimes illusive to find.

The bridges we seek are often found in the mind.

Years go by as the journey dives deeper.

The collective reflection becomes something more like reading an old newspaper.

Our fully sentient BEing knows that all life is precious.

Respecting the sovereignty of each soul to decide what is "right "for them, is the general ambition.

Still, freedom seems boundless in theory, while tangibly micromanaged in modern day reality.

Suddenly the blinders, or failings, of a few will effect the many.

Remember that choice is not a political, religious or judicial matter.

We must call a spade a spade like the “MadHatter”.

We are obviously at a pivotal place in history.

Standing with women is no mystery.

Choose life, right to life, guns on the playground, pollution underground,

Let the music sound, what was once lost, now the country is found?

Hey, don’t blame me, I am simply a reflecting mirror.

Who is ready to see things clearer?

Yours Truly & Choose Yours,


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