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Joshua's Corner: Transparency of Now...

Do your best to begin each day with a new outlook on life.

Each step a gift.

Every breath sacred.

I have noticed that our collective faults are many while our individual forgiveness can run short.

It’s kind of amusing, how life offers many challenges to distract us from staying on point.

Alas, we must persevere, with heart in hand, through the false mirrors of unjust social barriers.

People express love, give love and receive love differently.

This is truly what makes the human experience so unique.

Like me, if you grew up in a culture with hints of hate, worry not, it is only a matter of time until we all learn the true meaning of unconditional love.

So, stand up for the TRANSparency of now.

Question ideas and ideals.

BI-all means love your truth.

Identify your heartspace goals.

Take refuge with your allies.

Celebrate with gay exuberance the endless wonders of life.

Love Is Love,


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