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"Judgement" Is An Inside Job...

To be the most compassionate and Loving being to others and the most honest judge of oneself is the ultimate goal in life. There are many beliefs around the topic of "Judgement". The universal approach to judgement after death sees the soul that ultimately judges oneself in the presence of Divine Truth. This is the 20th week of the year, and the number 20 is significant in the Major Arcana of the Tarot as the "Judgement" card. This New Moon in Taurus and the Universal Moon Period, which is when the intuitive, psychic, inner aspects of our personality are heightened is the best time to tap into the creative juices of a powerful imagination to dream the places, situations, and people that support the inner vision. Do you believe you deserve to have everything you want? Do you believe it is possible? The mind that says YES I CAN, has a world of opportunities ahead. The mind that holds doubt, fear, and worry, remains stagnant and frozen in that state of consciousness until a shift happens. The mind is the driver of the vehicle, and the heart fuels that vehicle to drive further in whatever direction it is going. What is your mind occupied with, and how are your emotions carrying you forward toward your goals? Use an uplifted perspective when "judging" oneself, and see the blessings of every phase of life and every lesson that has come to teach. These are gifts from Creative Life Force when we are open to receiving them.

Get excited that the Moon is reflecting the inner dreams that are calling to be birthed at this time. Tap into your feelings without diving in too deep. It is important to stay toward the Light when in the oceans of e-motions. The deeper and darker we go, the more we open ourselves to the deceptions of duality. In life, we don't always win. There are times when we experience great loss. The Yin and Yang of life is what allows us to exist in the state that we are in, celebrating the contrast and embracing every moment. It is liberating to decide to see the best in both the challenging and victorious times of life. What we attach ourselves to, become the weights that we carry around with us day after day. Judgement is a friend that comes to help reflect what is wanted verses what is manifesting. It is an energy to help align us to our Truth, our Happiness, our Love, and our Destiny. Attach to gratitude. Live the Truth. Seek Wisdom. Be Love. Life is beautiful, and we have so much opportunity for growth right now. Capture a color of the rainbow, and fly toward your dreams!

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