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Let's Start Anew...

A new year, a new decade to manifest our dreams,

A great time to change things up and start a new routine.

It's never too late to start over again,

Creating inner peace and a lot more zen.

Grateful for this past year and revolutionary changes,

Guided by the cosmos while reality rearranges.

Open to this shift and new opportunities,

These times bring us closer to our spiritual communities.

Celebrate, be grateful, and welcome in 2020,

Better health, loving relationships, and a lot more money.

Begin the first 12 days of the year with great care,

Aligning with Love and manifesting gifts to share.

What we do at the start of this amazing new year,

Will follow us each month to help to get us in gear.

Choosing wisely and consciously what we wish to bring in,

The energies will support us with strength to begin.

The masters of our destinies, the authors of our stories,

Bringing Truth and inner passions to this life laboratory.

The meaning of life is to simply exist,

Listening to the heart dream for Love to persist.

When each of us listens and follows this guidance,

Happiness follows - it's not rocket science.

It's simple and beautiful - this life we manifest,

Turn on your inner compass and let go of the rest.

The time is now to wake up and start living,

Blessings arise when we focus on giving.

On this amazing New Year time we send blessings to all,

Let's put our best self forward and answer the call!

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