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Letting Freedom Ring...

Freedom is vast and has many meanings,

Every mind has a unique way of perceiving.

Freedom is the power to be who you are,

Shining uniquely like a night star.

Healing, strong, and moving with ease,

Body fit enough to fight any disease.

Speaking Truth and sharing opinions,

Choosing stewardship instead of dominion.

A mind clear of anger and resentment.

Choosing forgiveness and contentment.

Adults with a job or financial security,

Children living in joy, Love and purity.

Running outside and climbing trees,

Feeling the sunshine or a cold breeze.

In the company of kind, Loving people,

Moments of silence and feeling peaceful.

Freedom can be letting something go,

It can also mean being able and in the flow.

Whatever makes us feel truly free inside,

Freedom is never meant to be denied.

Love births freedom and connects us back,

One Light, One Source, one Divine pack.

Beyond our duality and connected as One,

Living freely and deny freedom to no one.


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