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Lifting The Weight...

Things go right and things go wrong,

No matter what, it makes us strong.

When we hold on to negative things,

It deflates us and weakens our wings.

Living in Faith & seeing the blessing,

Is Love actualizing and expressing.

Burdens are best left behind us all,

Lifting the weight so we can stand tall.

Rising above the worry and stress,

Is the foundation for great success.

The gravity of each new situation,

Is the platform for transformation.

Letting go of our doubts and fears,

Causes the heaviness to disappear.

Light as a feather, we see the best,

Living the dream and feeling blessed.

It all comes from our beliefs inside,

And how we program the mind to guide.

Hope and Faith will help us to see,

The Universe wants us to be Free.

Believing in our dreams and taking bold steps,

Observing huge miracles as the effects.

Now is the time to make it happen,

Life can be exactly what we imagine.

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