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Limitless Love Through Original Thoughts & Feelings...

The New Moon during this Universal Mars Period provides the energy and passion needed to create new perceptions about the dreams we are co-creating into reality. Our five senses have been working together with the brain to create the perceptions that we hold deep inside. From the day of conception to the last breath, we formulate how we perceive the world around us. These perceptions whisper to us internally every day to remind us to think and feel a certain way. The cycle then continue, and our perceptions become more refined as we raise our vibratory frequency. The most primal and dense form of matter can shift when we take action on the more energetic levels. Just like water can heat up to create steam and cool off to become ice, our perceptions hold various vibratory rates of energy. The Lighter they are, the more expansive we can become, and the heavier they are, the more contractive. We get to make choices to work on raising our vibratory frequency every day that we wake up breathing. The breath is the Master of the mind, and the mind will always follow the breath. We can shift more dense perceptions with the power of the breath of life that we are so graciously provided with every day.

Aside from working on shifting perceptions with the breath, we also have the opportunity to re-program our internal world by what we choose to bring into our senses. Positive images, words, scents, foods, and surroundings result in more positive perceptions, while the opposite is also true. We have become a society that is addicted to shocking information, tragedy, and trauma. It is the majority of what 's contained in the daily news that goes out to millions, or perhaps billions, of people daily. Whether on TV, in a movie, in a song on the radio, on the internet, or the language in the home, we are programmed by our senses. Those senses bring in the information and becomes seeded into the subconscious mind. Instead of acting from harmony when we are triggered, these subconscious perceptions can create reactions that could have the power to destroy what is most important to us. Much like a machine, we become programmed to be what our environment wants us to be instead of who we really are. What if we opted out, and what would that look like?

Since "as without, so is within", the opposite must also be true. We can either create the environment that affects the senses that affect our perceptions, or we can go within to create new perceptions. There is both the creator and creation in everything we see in the physical reality. We have the choice to be the outcome of a creation outside of ourselves, or we can go inside and create something that the world around us can then perceive. This is what some call, "original thought". The great inventors and creators on the planet were original thinkers. They lived way outside of the box, and they didn't accept reality for what others believed it was. Each of us, no matter what our destiny may be, has the ability to create original thoughts that provide vision and direction to what is in the best and highest good for all. By first creating an inner world that is neutral through the power of breath, we can become inspired by the magic of original thought and allow a higher force to move through us. Part of being who we are as individuals, is listening to the guidance and direction of the soul. Every soul is a candle meant to Light up the world with its uniqueness. We can connect with each other to help each other expand, but we are not here to be programmed. To Master the self, we must be the creators of our own destinies. Simplicity is Divinity, and we are provided with a mental computer that is Divine when we feed it with Light. Become the Light bulb of life and creation, and manifest the magic that can only birth through you. All problems have solutions in creative thought. All blocks can be removed when we believe that everything is possible. Original thought creates endless possibilities, infinite expressions, and limitless Love. Follow the Love and let your creative juices flow. The fires of Mars are passionately burning to manifest blessings for you and for all.

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