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Simplicity is Divinity and the Truth always rises,

The darkness appears in many different disguises.

In navigating through these times of congestion,

We would like to offer you a heart-filled suggestion.

Listen the the quiet stillness of your seed.

That part of you that remembers Love is everything we need.

The voice of the fearless, courageous, and humble,

Clear of the hatred that is choosing to rumble.

The way we move forward is each of our journey,

Choosing peaceful positivity to avoid all the worry.

Either way, our e-motions fuel the energy in motion,

Unity and Love drive us deep into Devotion.

If we choose to plants seeds of division and duality,

We are only hurting our own life and reality.

The seeds that we plant grow into great big trees,

Are we seeking wellness or are we fighting for dis-ease?

Life reflects exactly what the inner world manifests,

This is the foundation of most of our life tests.

To pass the test and find inner peace,

We have to allow our projections on others to cease.

It's not about pointing fingers or being right,

It is about being real with the inner fight.

What we "hate" is what we fear and it's an inside job,

Through the heart door is the answer, just turn the knob.

The Truth is inside and can be painful to see,

We have our whole lifetime to learn how to be free,

From the conditioning and programming that we thought we wanted to be,

To become infinite hearts and minds, like the vastness of the sea.

Just breathe and connect to the heart of all knowing,

To the Infinite Love that is consistently overflowing.

We were never separate, we have always been One,

Be the change you wish to see, the Love-A-Lution has begun!

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