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Lunar Waters of the Sea

Sitting on a rock in front of her vastness,

Gazing at the sea as a oneness practice.

Each wave a unique design of her beauty,

Driving in change as her cosmic duty.

Rising high and crashing around,

Or waving gently up and down.

Her glitter lights up the entire horizon,

At sunrise or sunset it brightens.

The deeper the sea, the darker it is,

This is where the subconscious lives.

Infinite oceans of dreams and visions,

Manifesting good like a magician.

Waters of blessings from the Divine,

The ocean lives to sparkle and shine.

As we open up our minds and hearts,

The Earth's water's cleansing starts.

We are one with these wild waves,

They respond to how we behave.

To find balance inward and out,

We need to follow Love, no doubt.

Learn from the blue sea of peace,

And let the Love Light increase!

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