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Mantra of the Month: Lumen de Lumine...

The Mantra & Meaning:

Lumen de Lumine

Deum de Deo

Lumen de Lumine

Deum Verum de Deo Vero

Lumen de Lumine

"Light of Light

God of God

Light of Light

True God from True God

Light of Light."

In Latin, this mantra is the vibration that opens the heart and gives the power to experience the vastness of the heart. It is said to help remove darkness, purify, cleanse, and redirect any darkness toward the Light. This sound current connects one to the angels and the healing infiniteness of the Sun. The Light is the revealer, and this mantra helps one to overcome challenges in order to transmute fate consciousness to destiny awareness and manifestation.

This mantra is beautiful to do first thing in the morning and right before bed. It is a gift to share at birth and at death, as it connects to the angels and unseen beings that are present during these powerful times. When we feel down, in darkness, or needing guidance, Lumen de Lumine is a great and powerful Light that guides the way.

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