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Mantra of the Month: Sat Nam Wahe Guru

The Mantra & Meaning:

Sat Nam Sat Nam Wahe Guru Wahe Guru

"I identify with Truth, I am one with Truth, Praise the Highest Wisdom & Bringer of Light, Praise the Highest Wisdom & Bringer of Light"

This mantra is a brain balancing vibration. It brings purity of mind and heart and promotes prosperity. When chanting this mantra, the body is able to assimilate stress better. This is why it is good for overall nervous system strength and stability. This sound current is active in supporting the energy needed to get the job done. By invoking Truth and acknowledgment of a higher power, life reflects this back in the ways of clarity and expansion. Create an inner frequency of Light and watch the abundance of the Universe run toward you with joy.

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