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Mantra of the Month: Sat Siri Akaal...

Mantra & Meaning:

Sat Siri, Siri Akaal,

Siri Akaal Mahal Akaal.

Mahal Akaal, Sat Nam,

Akaal Moorat, Wahe Guru

Truth, Projective Prosperity, Greatness, Undying

Great Undying One Who Knows No Death

Infinite Who is Deathless

Infinite Who is Deathless,

Truth as Identity, Identity of All that Is

Embodied Form, Image of the Infinite, Ecstatic Totality of God and Existence

This is the mantra that celebrates the infinite qualities of the soul. It helps support victory over challenges, peace, joy, and the power of an invincible spirit. This mantra offers the power of courage to overcome negative reactions to life's circumstances. It is in the connection to Truth and to the Infinite qualities of the soul that we are finally able to release fear and live authentically and free from all greed and pettiness. Our Infinite Self is Divinely prosperous in health, Love, and abundance.

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