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Marching Toward Joy...

Last week marked the start to the end of winter. The Virgo Full Moon brought closure, healing, and answers to some questions involving the way we are living and our purpose here on Earth. These two topics are beginning to find their way together in order to unite as one. The darker days are starting to Lighten up, and the shift is occurring in our hearts as well. The Sun is shining brighter and warmer, and the Truths that were shed this past moon cycle have allowed the spirit within to feel more free. Life may not be going the way it was planned to go, but there are even better things on the horizon and so much Hope in the air as these virus restrictions begin to lift and society finds new ways to restore balance. Now that Mercury is direct, we actually have NO RETROGRADE PLANETS right now. Take a deep breath and understand that this means that things are moving onward and forward, and opportunities await our actions toward them once again. Each of the planetary influences on the Earth is expressing clearly right now, so we have a chance to utilize the strengths and gifts as they offer themselves to us.

In the 3rd month of the year, we get an opportunity to find harmony with Jupiter. The Spring brings new growth and expansion in ways that offer us Light to shine on new seeds that we choose to plant this year. Abundance, Spiritual Growth, and even possibly some travel can come to test us to see if we are ready to accept a new challenge. It is important to focus on balancing and harmony, eating healthy, taking on what can be handled, and not overdoing it. We may feel called to take on much more than we can handle this month, so stop and take a breath before deciding to agree to another responsibility. Follow the ways of nature and move slowly and consciously toward goals. This lifetime is a gift, so savor every moment, and follow the heart as the guiding Light toward health and happiness.

It is the Waning Moon and the releasing, cleansing, and surrendering of lower energies in order to rise to new heights. It's time to let it go. Spring represents new growth, transformation, change, and healing. As we approach the Spring Equinox, we are exploring our living soil from which all seeds sprout into form. It is the time to fortify, strengthen, and nurture the foundation of what it is we are creating. Before we can spring up and out of the winter hibernation, we have to first retract, cultivate strength, and be mentally still. It is the 10th week of the year, and the perfect time to observe past cycles in health, relationships, work ethic, and motivation to move forward. We have an opportunity to let go of the old ways that have not produced the desired results, in order to embrace a new approach that will create new results. It is the time for restructuring our visions in order to create what we need and what makes us the happiest, while we are here spreading Love in the unique ways that we do. The ultimate mission is to be an extension of Love, Wisdom, and Truth on Earth. There are infinite ways to do this, as long as we get out of our own way and allow our natural talents to shine. We do this best when our minds and hearts are open.

The Full Moon illuminated the Truth in areas that were once clouded. What we do with that Truth is now up to us. Do we want to cycle through this lesson again and again, or take a leap of faith out of the hamster wheel and free ourselves from a life re-run. Lessons are appreciated so much more when they only have to come in once. Take it all in, observe, learn, and exhale out the old. It's time to surrender to a much happier, healthier, and productive future, and the old and tired worries of the past have no room there.

Be Light, and In-Joy Your Week!

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