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Mentality is Reality

Mercury, the planet of intelligence, logic, and communication, pays us a visit this week, and has also been the energetic frequency of this entire year. This week, our inner and outer communication skills are being tested, including self-talk, honesty, and integrity in thought and word. The entire month of August provides an opportunity to learn and grow through the Law of Cause and Effect. This is a month to learn how to cultivate inner strength. Whatever energies we hold inside will be magnified in our outer world. Whatever we "put out there", we will receive. As we know, our level of thought is what attracts our reality and is reflective of our karmic influences, what we choose to listen to, what we choose to watch, what we choose to believe, and the perceptions we hold. We can become addicted to our thoughts, even if they are not true. The danger of Mercury is deception. Our words hold so much power, and when someone believes in something that isn't true and acts upon that false belief, there can be real danger. When is the right time to speak up versus the right time to remain silent? As an observer of the human body, we were given one mouth we speak through compared to the two ears we listen from, which seems that the Universe wants us to know that we shouldn't speak as much as we listen. When we feel a need to explain ourselves, we are only appeasing our egos. There is no need to explain yourself to anyone. At the end of the day, you - and only you - have to live with yourself and your choices. Sometimes the deceptions of Mercury happen within one's own mind. We can deceive ourselves with our false beliefs and perceptions based on what others think and believe. Before listening to the world on the outside, it is most important to listen to the world on the inside. The inner world reflects the source of Truth that will eventually be revealed on the outside.

Beliefs are like colors of the rainbow. They are each beautiful and unique, and none is more important than another. Some work together to create new colors, and others don't mix as well. It is vital that we, in society, have various beliefs. We test each other, push each other, and expand one another with our differences. If everything under the Sun was made in the first 6 days of creation, then that means that every belief and possible perception already exists in the mind of the Divine. None of us has the power to judge another based on belief. Each one of our beliefs is Divine, because Love, Wisdom, and Truth appear in all shades and all sizes.

This weekend I was able to go to a family gathering, and as we know, family is the greatest blessing in terms of pushing us to be better in the areas of patience and understanding. Being a plant-based eater, I understand that it is more rare to find other people with the same diet, and therefore I usually eat well before I go to most places. However, when I got there and was not eating with everyone else, I was coined as "picky" and shrugged off as one of "those kind of people" by a few of the guests. There will always be a population of people that are attached to the way things were, and there will be those who criticize people for doing things differently. Personally, I appreciate it when people ask me about why I am plant-based, or what I actually eat that tastes good and is healthy. The more we try to understand one another instead of judging or criticizing one another for being different, the closer we will be as a society, and the better we will be able to help one another and this planet to evolve. We are here to move past the current global consciousness that we were imprinted with at birth. We incarnated at this very powerful moment in time and space to learn about who we really are and what we are really here to do. We are not here to keep looping around a reality that feeds some while impoverishing others. Even the reality of duality is something we have to get past in order to fully understand our own Divinity. This opportunity to experience being and outcast within a group of people really had me reflect on how humans are creatures of the comfort zone. When someone lives outside of that zone, it poses a threat to those who resist change. We see this on a small scale like these social events, but we also see this in the world as a whole on a global scale. To what lengths do we go in order to defend our comfort zones, even when they don't make sense to others? There is no right answer, but that change will come whether we accept it or not. We are here to evolve and to change. This is how we have stayed alive for so many years, and this is the nature of being human.

What are the thoughts, words, and beliefs that you think are limiting or biased? Are you willing to invest energy into putting those beliefs to rest? If Love makes things easy, and our goal as humans is to learn to Love without condition, then maintaining an attitude of Love with every interaction will help make it easy to find the best in every person, place, and situation we encounter. Both the lock and the key to happiness and longevity come from self-Love. It is not trying to control anything outside of the self, but simply in seeing the gifts and blessings bestowed in life and staying clear of shame, guilt, and feelings of lack. The Love we develop for ourselves is the Light that shines toward goodness. In the case of me being called "picky", there was no need to react. I simply sat quietly and observed. I understand that this reality could not have even been observed if it didn't live inside of me, and this situation sparked me to ask these questions. Where can I let go of old beliefs in order to embrace a new mentality? Where are the areas that I am attached and not able to see other people's views? The more I reflect on compassion and understanding, the more I will attract the same. I know I have work to do, and this waning moon is the best time to let go of my limitations. Life is an evolutionary process of positive change. No matter how we perceive things to be today, that will always change tomorrow. Truth comes over time, and when we embrace this, all that is left is compassion. May we learn and grow together in harmony and see the best in ourselves and in others. A healthy mind results in a healthy society, which will result in a healthy planet.

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