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Monthly Numerology: 6th Month of the Year...

June is the 6th month of the year, and the number 6 relates to the planet Venus. Venus enters the scene to teach us how to be Light, playful, Loving, and creative. Venus brings out our feelings about one another, and highlights the sensual pleasures that life has to offer. Nature is ruled by Venus, so taking time to sit under a tree, to stop and smell the roses, and to take walks in her beauty will restore balance and flow when it has been lost. Venus is connected to beauty, Love, music, art, family, social gatherings, luxury, and harmony. When the heart is the guide, these areas of life feel natural and manifest with little effort.

The archetype this month is "The Lovers", and they literally are the three aspects of the being married through the power of alchemy. The conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious join together to create a holy trinity of blessings. When we hold this sacred alignment, there is nothing that can stop the power of Love from activating. The conscious self is what we understand and know to be, the subconscious is how we think and feel inside, and the superconscious is our connection to our highest self and the Divine.

This month, there may be temptation to go back to old habits that no longer serve you, and sacrifices will need to be made. It is a crossroads of sorts, and a time to choose YOU and your highest and greatest good. When we root in deeply, committing to the journey of Love, and living life according to the heart's guidance, then the ultimate Victory will manifest for the soul. Humans are dualistic - there is an angelic side and an animal side. This is the month to find harmony between the two parts of the self. It is a time to Love oneself and others because where there is Love, there is sacrifice. Love is the bridge between above and below, and the heart is the center of our personal Universe. With Love, all things are possible because Love makes everything enjoyable.

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