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Monthly Numerology: 8th Month of the Year...

August is the 8th month of the year, and the number 8 relates to the planet Saturn. Saturn is the fruit we see growing on our personal Tree of Life. What have we been thinking and feeling lately? What words and actions have we shared, and how did they bounce off of the Universe for the greater good of all? Whatever we have done internally or externally, this is a month of insight and personal study in order to learn from our challenges and grow into our strengths. There may be trials and tests of patience, but in the end, the way we act or react will determine how successful we are able to be, and how far we are able to go. The Summer gives some people time off to get organized once again. It is a time of realignment, understanding what is most important to our values, and focusing on what is truly important. Once we take the time to realign on the inside, then we can take action on the outside. The archetype of this month is "Strength". We cultivate the most strength when we take the time to invest in knowing ourselves deeply. Strength comes from our inner Love, kindness, and patience. It is a gentle energy that is cultivated in the mind and heart in order to be carried out by the physical being. In order to heal and grow from the past conditioning and abuses, we have to have mental and emotional strength. The Truth moves through us and teaches us the deepest wisdom of the Universe. This is where we cultivate a kind of strength that helps us master our energy-in-motion. By doing that, we can manifest our lives in a way that benefits the greater good of all. With the power of forgiveness, understanding, and compassion, we can find the strength to transmute negativity into blessings. May this month support you in your greatest growth and inner healing!

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