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Monthly Numerology: (9th) Month of the Year

The entire month of September is influenced by the number 9 (Mars), as it is the number of the month. The number nine brings us a royal energy of completion and spiritual attainment. This month opens our field to receive deep philosophical insights and the power to use our will for a higher purpose. "The Hermit" is the archetype of the wise, old man who has reached his peak and offers rich wisdom from his experiences to help support so many who are on a similar path. Darkness, stillness, and inward reflections birth new creations, and these creations come from our greatest passions and dreams. This month pushes each of us to rise higher and higher, destroying fear and worry so that a powerful and Loving frequency can manifest. The deeper we journey inside to know who we are and what we want to create, the Lighter we become. The Light shines the way, and one Light is the spark needed to Light the way for many others.


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