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Monthly Numerology: January

The Magician = #1

The entire month of January is influenced by the number 1, as it is the number of the month of the year. The number One card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Magician. As above, so is below, and this card connects the symbolism of the inner and outer worlds. The Magician has all of the tools he needs to create his dreams. Using willpower and inner Light, we have the ability to manifest the life we have always dreamed of living. It all starts inside, and the accountability we have for the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions we choose to hold create the outer reality that life gives us back. This is a month to tap into the greatest potential, hold Loving and forgiving thoughts and feelings, and bringing positive change to our lives and to this reality. The resources and new opportunities are available for success, it only takes our willpower to follow through and receive the blessings of our actions.


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