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Monthly Numerology: November 11

The entire month of November is influenced by the number 11, as it is the number of the month. Eleven is a very auspicious number, and it reflects the subconscious mind, emotions, dreams, and intuition. This month, our emotions are under the spotlight. It is very important that we stay uplifted and positive, and not allow the little things to bring us down. The greatest challenge of the month is to remain centered in Love, acceptance, and compassion. November presents more opportunities for family interactions and social connections. This is why our emotional state needs to be neutral. Never allow any one feeling to dominate and take over. Drink plenty of water, take long walks, spend more time in nature, get a water feature for your home, and listen to music that makes you feel amazing. Our emotions can move us out of blocked areas of our lives when they are moving in a positive direction. Connect in meditation, and reflect the inner Light all month long for happiness, success, and flow.


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