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Universal Planetary Influence: Universal Sun Period (March 21st - May 11th)...

 The Universal Sun Period is a 52-day cycle of healing and rising out of any darkness into the Light. The Sun is our greatest source of life and Light, and during this time of year one can heal ailments permanently with this powerful force. The Universal Sun Period is a time of good luck. During these 52 days, plant new seeds you wish to sprout and grow in the coming year. Whatever you have been dreaming about and have been inspired to take action to manifest should be activated now. Do you need to ask your superior for a raise? Are you sitting on a great idea that you just "haven't had the time to do"? Well, no more excuses. This time of year supports all of your endeavors to be the most fruitful and successful. You are turning all of your inner desires into gold when you allow them to push through the soil of the inner world of creation to sprout into reality. Have no fear and go for it! The Sun is cheering you on.

  Get outside and move your body, exercise, and take in the powerful healing energy of the Sun. From 7am-10am you can access the most potent healing energy by exposing your spine and solar plexus to the Sun. Utilize these healing rays outside and wear gold on your body inside to bring in the solar force. If you have felt more inward during Saturn, now you have ample energy available to complete the mission you have set to achieve. Get inspired by the Light, feel illuminated to take action, and shine your Loving heart in the form of service. Purchase new items to support your growth and expansion. Ask for help from those who can support you the most. Allow yourself to orbit around others and be social because you will find that you are much more magnetic during this time of year and will attract exactly what you need. Heal your heart of old pains by practicing gratitude and forgiveness every day. Remember what supports you in feeling dynamic and bright, and have the courage to practice that every day. This is a great time to spread your wings and fly, so be brave and take a leap of faith!  

  Call upon Archangel Raphael, the healing of God, who bestows blessings of health and wealth. Archangel Raphael is an energetic presence that can bring clarity and direction when it comes to healing the Self and manifesting one's soul purpose. When the dis-ease is a condition that has been created to learn and grow and is not one's destiny to die, Archangel Raphael can be called upon to help one pursue wellness and create more Light to shine meaning and purpose on our paths in order to have direction. Once we can extract the meaning and lesson of our disturbances in life, they will then have the permission to leave. Call upon Archangel Raphael to help guide you toward success over any challenges in health and happiness.

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