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Monthly Numerology: November 2022...

The entire month of November is influenced by the number 11, as it is the number of the month. The number eleven brings us an energy of equality, justice, calmness, and kindness. This is a month to remember our spiritual purpose. It is a powerful time to see the big picture and respond to life with unshakable faith. Our intuition is at play this month, guiding us toward a higher purpose. The knowledge that comes through in this time is meant to open new portals to greater dimensions of wisdom and understanding. This is a wonderful month to tune into the prayers of gratitude and guidance, invoking higher energies to lead the way. Be sure to keep emotions in check and drink lots of water. When we are tuned into our greater good, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our goals. Change is inevitable, but the lunar gifts of November call out for big life shifts. It is time to stop looking outward for direction, but instead call upon the forces within to be the ultimate master. Nurturing family, the home, and community will bring great happiness and success. Slow down and enjoy the most important things in life. We never know when things will suddenly change, and every moment is a living prayer.

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