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Mudra of the Month: Mudra for Neuromuscular Disorders & Epilepsy...

Mudra means "To Please", and is a way to invoke the unseen forces for health and happiness. You can literally manifest your destiny with the palm of your hands. Mudras are a type of sign language to the angelic realm. Every day, hire the angels of Light and fire the angels of darkness with Mudra Therapy.

The month of May is ruled by Mercury (5). Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month, and it continues to teach us the power of communication and how it affects our nervous system. Gyan Mudra is the most used and most known mudra in these times. People who use it, and those who have just seen it in pictures, understand the power and potency of this hand posture for calmness and meditation. The biggest benefits are improved nervous system and pituitary gland function, but there are an infinite number of benefits because this works on the brain. When the mind is harmonized, then everything else follows. As the right hand rests inside of the left hand, the active energies of the right hand are held by the more calm and peaceful energies of the left hand. The nervous system is harmonized by peaceful calm, and the hands can help to promote these frequencies by amplifying the yin energies for the greatest and highest good. As we become calm and peaceful, the nervous system harmonizes, and the nerv