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Mudra of the Month: Surbhi Mudra - Balancing Polarities

Mudra means "To Please", and is a way to invoke the unseen forces for health and happiness. You can literally manifest your destiny with the palm of your hands.  Mudras are a type of sign language to the angelic realm. Every day, hire the angels of Light and fire the angels of darkness with Mudra Therapy.  

  The month of October is the 10th month of the year, and the number 10 (1+0=1) is associated with the Sun...

which is the source of Light and life that sustains and heals. This month happens to land at the start of fall, when life is restored to balance with equal day and night. In the energy of harmony and balance between the Sun and the Moon, we chose the healing Surbhi Mudra to support balancing these polarities within. This hand posture is wonderful for memory, arthritic conditions, bone disharmonies, sciatica, and improving intuition. It is said to bring spiritual gifts when practiced regularly.

Surbhi Mudra involves a brain-balancing technique of connecting the index finger (Jupiter) to the middle finger (Saturn), and the ring finger (Sun) to the pinky finger (Mercury) on both hands. The thumbs stand upright and never touch so that the heart stays in balance. The activation of the fingers allows the negative polarities of Jupiter and the Sun to balance the positive polarities of Saturn and Mercury, which helps to rewire any disharmonies back to neutrality. The tips of the fingers correspond to the brain, and the two sides of the brain are effected positively when we activate this hand posture.

How long do I hold a Mudra for? One moment to several minutes is standard timing for holding a Mudra. Mudras work based on one's level of consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the less one needs. All mudras are suggested to be held for 1-3 minutes and up to 11-120 minutes with a mantra meditation. Listen to your intuition and feel your mind, heart, and body while you are practicing Mudras. You will learn for yourself what is best for you. Smile, relax, and receive healing from your own hands.

How To Perform The Mudra:

1. Straighten the spine in a comfortable posture sitting, standing, or laying down.

2. Rub your hands together vigorously.

3. Touch the tip of the index finger to the middle finger tip on each hand.

4. Touch the tip of the ring finger to the pinky finger on each hand.

5.Straighten the thumbs upright and do not let them touch (it is not good for the heart).

6. Relax your shoulders and elongate the spine, allowing the chest to rise and the chin to gently relax in and up. Close the eyes and focus at the brow (3rd eye) point.

7. Smile, breathe long deep breaths, or practice Three Part Breath (See Below).

3-Part Breath (Optional):

Inhale slowly into the belly, rib cage, and upper chest for a count of 20. Hold the breath (unless you are pregnant) and squeeze the rectum for a count of 20. Exhale from the chest, rib cage, and belly, drawing the navel in toward the spine for a count of 20. Repeat the breath for a total of 3 minutes. SMILE!


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