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Mudra of the Month: Thyroid Mudra

Mudra means "To Please", and is a way to invoke the unseen forces for health and happiness. You can literally manifest your destiny with the palm of your hands. Mudras are a type of sign language to the angelic realm. Every day, hire the angels of Light and fire the angels of darkness with Mudra Therapy.

This 8th month of the year, the month to cultivate inner strength and truly "know thyself" on a deeper level, we are working on the Thyroid Gland. The thyroid not only releases the hormone that helps to control metabolism, but it also helps in bone growth and brain/nervous system development in teenagers. This very important gland helps us to have the energy we need to live our highest destiny, while providing us with youthfulness and health. This Thyroid Mudra activates the Jupiter and Mars fingers that bring the qualities of action and expansion in order to help bring harmony to the blood and the digestive fires.

In reflexology, the Thyroid Gland reflex points are at the base of the thumb on the hand and the base of the toe on the foot. By performing this Thyroid Mudra, you are stretching the reflex point on the hand and working on the Pituitary and Pineal Glands as well as the entire brain and the blood through the thumb. If you feel tender when you perform a mudra, it is a sign that you may need to do this mudra frequently until the soreness subsides. The tender feelings are a sign from the body to pay attention to that area of the body.

This hand posture is really great for women of all ages, and especially during hormonal shifting times like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. When the glandular system is balanced, it helps both the blood and immune system to work better, and therefore, the body, mind, and spirit is in harmony.

How To Perform The Mudra:

1. Straighten the spine in a comfortable posture sitting, standing, or laying down.

2. Rub your hands together vigorously.

3. Cross your right arm over your heart and then the left arm over the right arm, keeping the back of the palms facing one another.

4. Hook the thumbs onto one another.

5. Keeping the back of the palms facing each other, hook the index fingers onto one another.

6. Relax your shoulders down and back and elongate the spine, allowing the chest to rise and the chin to gently relax in and up. Bring the mudra to heart level, close the eyes, and focus at the brow (3rd eye) point.

7. Smile, breathe long deep breaths, or practice Three Part Breath (See Below).

3-Part Breath (Optional):

Inhale slowly into the belly, rib cage, and upper chest for a count of 20. Hold the breath (unless you are pregnant) and squeeze the rectum for a count of 20. Exhale from the chest, rib cage, and belly, drawing the navel in toward the spine for a count of 20. Repeat the breath for a total of 3 minutes. SMILE!


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