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New Moon and Life Shifts...

It is yet another season, month, and week for change. We have been blessed with another waxing moon to support the manifestation of inner peace. This is only possible when the head and the heart are in alignment with Love. This brings us to the 16th week of the year and the archetype of "The Tower". The Tower itself is a symbol of a solid structure in our lives. This can manifest as family, career, a Love relationship, community, or spiritual foundation. Whatever it is that has become a structural support for your life, this week can test how solid that structure truly is. "The Tower" archetype depicts the building being hit by lightning and burning down. The deeper meaning is that anything not based on absolute Truth, Divine Love, and higher Wisdom will eventually crumble to the ground. This is an archetype of Divine intervention. When something happens to pull the foundation out from underneath us, whether it is intentional or unintentional, it serves to awaken consciousness and merge us with our destiny. Therefore, this is is a very powerful week for positive change.

Have you been going back and forth in your heart between what you are currently doing and what you wish you were doing? Is there an energetic struggle at hand that is pulling you away from your own personal power? Is it time to reinvent yourself and create a more stable way of living by starting over? Shocking events in our lives can be traumatic and can cause great pain. Once we rise up and out of the ash, there is fertile ground to grow new seeds. This is a week of regenerating, rehabilitating, paving new pathways, and rebuilding after a big disaster. The old ways are constantly having to readjust themselves in order to keep up with the new times. The energy of the number 16 boils down to a very high frequency planetary influence of Neptune. Neptune takes us into the deep waters of the subconscious mind in order to remind us who is truly in charge of our reality. Harmonious thought waves manifest a harmonious life. The opposite is also true. "The Tower" holds a powerful influence on pushing us to be better versions of ourselves by shaking up our foundation. Do not fear the challenges that come, but instead, embrace the changes that are necessary for growth and expansion. One step at a time, these forces are helping to break up what we consider the "status quo" in order for the most brilliant and beautiful reality to manifest. Face any storm with strength and courage, and create space for a new expression of you to come to form. It's time to rise to new heights!

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