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Out with the Old, In with the New Dream...

It is the 28th week of the year and a New Moon manifests new beginnings and the end of an old cycle. This is a time to be inventive, creative, and revolutionary in the way of thinking about this reality we are blessed to live in. Our emotional bodies are heightened in this time because the New Moon is in the astrological water sign of Cancer. Instead of drowning in emotional commotion, we can utilize this time to tap into the creative, intuitive, and psychic aspects that can dream up any new idea and manifest it.

So many people run in the opposite direction of their e-motions. These are the water forces acting inside of us. Since our emotions are literally our energy in motion, what makes a person want to run away from them? This energy in motion is powerful. It is so powerful, in fact, that it can determine the health, happiness, and effectiveness of the entire being. Paying attention and bringing consciousness to the e-motions provides important feedback on the direction to take. Numbing during pivotal shifts in life is not supportive in terms of receiving inner guidance. Each of us desires happiness, and the road to get there is earned. There is no Love without sacrifice. In order to arrive at the destination of the goals that have been set, one has to make personal sacrifices and sometimes experience great loss. Each of us has to determine how important this state of happiness is. The more important it is to us, the more we are willing to sacrifice to make it happen.

Each of us is working through cycles of lessons that have manifested as a representation of our subconscious mind, past experiences, and our ancestors. We sometimes have to experience the darkness of the lessons in order to make the choice to merge with the Light. It is in our darkest moments that the Light reveals itself so clearly. As we venture around the "wheel" of life's lessons, we start to see patterns that repeat themselves. We always have a choice to disengage from the cycle by doing it differently, or continue to loop around and around, getting spun out of control. Digging deep into the well of inner wisdom, we know what is best for ourselves. It is the willpower that determines whether or not there is follow-through. Cultivate a will that doesn't give up. Create a burning desire to heal something from the past that wants to live on through you and future generations. End the cycles of pain that both you and your beloveds are ready to clear once and for all.

This New Moon is filled with beneficial forces that want to support and empower a new beginning. Sit wit the darkness and allow the vision to become clear. Then, practice the ritual to manifest the inner vision. This ritual supports a strong and powerful frontal lobe. First thing in the morning, bring your breath and attention to the front of the brain - the frontal lobe. See Light there and then see your day unfold exactly how you wish it to manifest. See it all and feel it in your heart deeply - getting excited that this dream is manifesting. Then, let go of that vision and live the day - observing yourself manifesting the vision you saw at the beginning of the day. This is alchemy, and this is destiny. Alchemy is being your own life scientist and creating the life of your dreams out of the materials you have. Everything can be transmuted, and an alchemist understands how to make positive changes for the greatest good. Destiny is making a choice to manifest what you want out of life instead of being a victim of circumstance. It is taking action and following through in order to create the dreams that you hold deeply in your heart. This is the time to be the alchemist that manifests the destiny. There is nothing that can hold any of us back except for ourselves. We get to choose what we put our energy and power toward in our lives. Choosing goodness, kindness, humility, and courage to do that which is hardest first in order to create the happiness, joy, and freedom so desired is not the easiest path, but it can be the most rewarding. If it's worth it, then go for it! We incarnated to live our innermost dreams. Let these inner dreams have wings to fly. The time is now to take this journey up to new heights.

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