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Poem of the Week: Earned Trust is a Must...

To trust another is a big deal,

It offers a sense of security.

Separating the fake from the real,

Heart connections show great maturity.

Trusting brings an openness,

Where there is room to grow.

Bringing Faith to hopelessness,

And abundant Love to flow.

Trust is a constant energy,

In an ever-changing world.

Helping to heal traumatic memory,

Unpacking all that has been furled.

We put our savings in a trust,

Trusting the processes at hand.

Having confidence is a must,

In order for Love to expand.

We have to be trustworthy,

In order to have our trust returned.

A trusted person doesn't worry,

As their behavior is affirmed.

Be good and trust in the good,

For the Universe is transparent.

Be reliable so it is understood,

Your good will is declarant.

Over time it becomes clear,

The Truth always finds its way out.

Those we trust will appear,

Building harmony and removing all doubt.

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