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Poem of the Week: Equal Rights & Kindness

From a young age we were taught right from wrong,

Kindness, compassion, and acceptance to belong.

To spread Love and treat thy neighbor as thyself,

Serving each other to promote happiness and health.

Then we witness those who have an audience and are preaching,

Mistreating people with bad intentions so misleading.

Hiding behind a curtain of false integrity,

While living a life that promotes great disparity.

We live on a planet that expresses this duality,

So how do we manifest equal rights and morality?

Life may express as different colors, shapes, and sizes,

Around the world there are many personalities and guises.

Plants, animals, people, parasites, and fungus,

All forms of life equal in importance among us.

A silent moral code blows through the breath of life,

Reminding those who are awake to end the collective strife.

Taking a stand against all bigotry and hate,

Utilizing the power of Love to set things straight.

Staying strong in Truth and moral harmony,

In order to be the change one wishes there to be.

Like Lights turning on in a very dark room,

Soon more Love will circulate, grow, and bloom.

This is the prayer and wish for this sacred Earth,

May kindness to all living beings be manifested and birthed.

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