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Poem of the Week: Faith & Justice...

Deeper knowledge of the self and humanity,

Unveils truths of individuality.

Justice stands tall as two pillars of strength,

Standing up for what's right at any length.

Always two sides, two stories, and two beliefs,

Everyone's an expert who "knows" and who's chief.

Being fair, honest, and accountable,

Is absolutely and positively surmountable.

It takes inner goodness and honesty,

To live for the Truth and want to see,

The outcome of a cosmic prophecy.

Following the heart while not being swayed,

Standing up for good without being afraid,

Not buying into the secret masquerade,

Manifests the Justice prayers we have made.

Have faith, don't shame, and see the bigger picture,

And allow peace to be life's greatest elixir.

....because life is simply amazing!

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