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Poem of the Week: "Follow The Inner Rainbow"

In a time that self-improvement peaks,

We have to ask ourselves "What do we seek"?

Is something wrong with who we are?

Why are we searching near and far?

The human race to perfection,

Was taught to us from inception.

Why do we try to "fix" what God created,

The Temple so sophisticated?

Like a flower blooms brilliant and bright,

Every living soul is made perfectly right.

Learning and growing happens over time,

And we are trying to force a new paradigm.

What's the rush through this life,

To move from consciousness to the afterlife?

Are we only living to achieve rewards,

Or enjoying blessings while we explore?

All we have really been asked to do,

Is for me to be me and for you to be you.

Running around to try and see,

That I can only run away from me.

With this one life we are blessed to live,

It is self-Love that we are meant to give.

Honoring the soul by being joyful,

Following the heart by staying playful.

Being ourselves and accepting that beauty,

Honoring the soul and our Truth is the duty.

Stop trying to control this life experience,

Appreciate the wonder as mysterious.

Not waisting a day chasing power and money,

Or allowing someone to own or run me.

Every moment so sacred and powerful to create,

Follow your inner rainbow, and life will be great.

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