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Poem of the Week: Following The Love...

Some of the biggest challenges passed.

Life taught truths exposed so fast.

At times feeling the emptiness numb,

Blaming the self for being so dumb.

Dark moments of life's winter was cold,

Then alchemy turned everything into gold.

Listening to inner wisdom to guide,

The Source of Life would Love and provide.

A new path paved from a will so strong,

No longer thinking intuition was wrong.

Rising sunshine through personal power,

Allowing the darkness to set with the tower.

A renewed strength affirmed by above,

The greatest lesson of victory is Love.

No worries about darkness succeeding,

When the heart strengthens, it starts leading.

Personal breakthroughs become the audition,

Then life reveals to us our mission.

Now the journey wears brand new lenses,

After so many deep emotional cleanses.

Grateful for the higher Loving guidance,

That helps break free from the silence.

A new faith in good can be restored,

The universe provides the top reward.

Good follows good and Love will rise,

Authenticity wears no disguise.

Listen, observe, and pay attention,

Follow the Love to a higher dimension.

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