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Poem of the Week: Harmony In Me Blesses What I See...

Looking deep into the heart,

There is pain and broken pieces.

Making the choice to do my part,

My joy level greatly increases.

When I see blocks around me,

I have to ask the bigger question.

Where am I not feeling free,

Or causing my own congestion?

The answer to this healing cycle,

Starts deep inside me and grows.

Into healing and out of survival,

The Truth of the Light starts to glow.

Choosing a greater and higher road,

To forgive, to heal, and to let go.

Is the greatest blessing I've been shown,

To guide me back to my flow.

The harmony in me blesses what I see,

As it circulates throughout my existence,

Approaching life with Love will guarantee,

That Love will follow me for the distance.

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