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Poem of the Week: Harness The Power...

Power comes in so many forms,

Strength, wealth, or Love that transforms.

Every being with deep inner power,

Growing through life to bloom like a flower.

Some forms of power can build and create,

Others are used to devastate.

Every soul being birthed by a mother,

Some have risen while others would suffer.

Each given personal power to grow,

With life's lessons to learn and to know.

When this power's used to serve and heal,

The energy returns for us to feel.

Goodness circulates or shadows fall,

Power comes in both big and small.

How we choose to use this force,

Determines our entire life course.

Choosing wisely, we decide what to do,

As I do me and you do you.

Molding and shifting the world that we see,

With the power of Love, which is the key!

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