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Poem of the Week: Imagine-Nation...

Creation sparks the inner genius,

Where the soul shines so freely.

Accessing inner visions with keenness,

Embodying the Light completely.

Imagination has the power to decide,

How our beliefs and visions express.

With a higher energy as the guide,

Universal Love continues to bless.

When each of us holds a dream of Truth,

And creates gifts to share with others.

Our reality will be the proof,

We are One with our sisters & brothers.

Creating a world free of judgements,

Practicing acceptance instead of blame.

Where deep lessons become triumphant,

Winning over ignorance and shame.

Imagine a nation filled with empathy,

Feeling for one another in our hearts.

Using principles of Truth as telepathy,

Accountability for self is where it starts.

No need to chase after the dark,

Because the Light reveals it clearly.

A journey together to embark,

Where energies merge so sincerely.

Each being free to live in peace,

Developing the soul's expressive uniqueness.

Higher frequencies continue to increase,

Healing conflicting energies between us.

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